Spirit Retreat: Healing the Healer

with Lindsey Guttilla

September 13 - 15

A heart-opening retreat where we explore energetic boundaries and reclaim our power in a nurturing space.

Empaths and highly sensitive people can be especially vulnerable to feelings of emotional overload, anxiety, stress, and energy field depletion. This retreat will expand your self-healing abilities and align your natural intuitive openness in a way that brings renewed inner strength and resilience.

While grounding in nature, we will explore dynamic movement, yoga, walking meditations, sound healing, dance and transformational practices. We will slow down, soften, create space within, and positively shift energetic blocks and limiting patterns.

We will be bringing renewal deep into the heart and soul of the healer. You do not need to be a professional caregiver to attend, but need only to feel a call to be a healing presence.

A unique opportunity to be held and nourished on your path, surrounded by the beautiful forested hills of Raven Crest.


Wild Heart: Exploring the Sacred Womb of Alaska Under the Aurora


Jason Wood + Lindsey Guttilla

March 12 - 20

A unique opportunity for ceremony, working with the energies of the Aurora and sacred land of Alaska. We are so honored to offer ceremonies, meditation, forest bathing, indigenous ritual, bead making, dog sledding, hot springs and travel throughout some of the most breathtaking and spiritual sights in Alaska. Join our Wild Heart mailing list for more details.